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What is a digital vignette?

Digital vignettes
A digital vignette or e-vignette is an online alternative to adhesive vignettes that many European countries have introduced over the last few years. Typically, vignettes are obligatory for users of motor vehicles with the permissible total GVW not exceeding 3.5 t. Depending on the vignette country, the requirements, as well as the list of roads subject to the vignette obligation, may differ.

Introducing a digital vignette has eliminated the necessity to place any adhesive vignette sticker on the vehicle’s windscreen. The vehicle’s license plates are digitally stored in the e-vignette system, and thanks to a dedicated camera system, all vehicles driving on toll roads can be easily verified.

A buyer can purchase an online vignette from the comfort of their home using any Internet-accessed electronic device. Once the vignette purchase is completed, the buyer will receive an email confirmation.

Vignettes can be of various types depending on their validity period. Every country has a different range of vignette types. Nevertheless, one-week, one-month, three-month, or annual vignettes are the most popular ones.

How do digital vignettes work?

Digital vignettes function very similarly to traditional vignettes, with only one slight difference. An online vignette is digitally linked to the vehicle’s license plates, while a traditional vignette sticker is physically assigned to the particular vehicle.

Most countries that introduced digital vignette systems also implemented camera systems controlling all the vehicles driving on roads subject to toll. The camera system is able to detect all the toll road users who do not possess an active vignette. In such situations, a driver should expect to receive a fine. The fines are different depedning on the vignette country.

Camera systems detecting the vignette usage are not the only way to control whether a driver has a valid vignette. Also, each country may perform manual random vignette controls and impose financial penalties for those who fail to present a valid vignette confirmation.

How to buy a digital vignette 

Purchasing a digital vignette is very straightforward and intuitive. The buying process will be the same regardless of the country for which you wish to obtain a vignette. First, choose the vignette country and one type of digital vignette that suits your driving needs. Next, follow the three steps left:

  1. Put all the necessary details and select your vignette start date.
  2. Use one of the available online payment methods and pay the service fee.
  3. Refresh your email inbox and receive an e-vignette confirmation email.

Important: Most vignette countries do not require drivers to present a physical vignette confirmation. However, to ensure an issues-free drive, do remember to save your vignette copy on your smartphone to have it ready to show during the road control.

Benefits of buying a vignette online

  • Environmentally friendly product: Unlike physical toll stickers, digital vignettes do not require plastic or glue to be issued; their purchase can significantly reduce the amount of waste produced.
  • Easiness: Digital vignettes do not need to be printed out, and all necessary details are stored in an online system.
  • Flexible: A digital vignette matches the vehicle’s number plate, so if you hold a transferrable number plate, you do not need to purchase a separate vignette for your other vehicle.
  • Time-saver: An online vignette purchasing process can help you save plenty of time. You should be able to buy your vignette online within a few minutes without stopping at any vignette outlet on the road and wasting your time.


Should I buy a vignette?

Before entering a country where vignettes are applicable, check the planned route. Purchasing a vignette is always recommended, as it is very easy to get confused about whether the road we are driving on is already subject to toll. Driving with an active vignette will help you avoid unnecessary stress and save money you would need to spend on potential financial penalties.

What is a vignette road?

A vignette road can be a motorway, expressway, or any other road section where having a valid vignette is obligatory. Drivers who fail to possess an active vignette should be aware of potential fines.

Where can I buy a road vignette?

Vignettes are available for purchase at various sales points at the country’s border, such as petrol stations or self-service kiosks. The best and fastest way to purchase a vignette is to visit an online store.

How long should I wait before I can start using my digital vignette?

If you decide to buy a vignette at our online store, you should know that there is no cooling-off period that you should wait before starting to use your purchased vignette. Once the purchasing process is completed and you have received your vignette confirmation email, you can start your drive immediately.

Can I get an invoice for the vignette I purchased?

Yes. If you need to receive an invoice for your vignette online purchase, please email us all the necessary details at

Can I return my vignette purchased online?

All customers have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of the date of contract conclusion without stating the reason for withdrawal. However, this right cannot be executed if the products have already been activated or used.

Can I modify my vignette order?

As long as the start date of your vignette has not occurred yet, you are allowed to make some modifications to your order up to 5 hours before your vignette activates. To do so, please get in touch with our support team immediately.

Should I print my vignette purchase receipt?

All your personal data and vehicle information are stored in the online vignette system. Therefore, there is no need to print out any vignette confirmation. However, you may still save a digital copy on your smartphone and show it during the vignette control (if asked).