Hungary vignette is a mandatory pass for drivers of vehicles under 3.5t for using Hungarian freeways and expressways marked with an M. Now, only a digital vignette is available in Hungary, there are no adhesive vignettes to attach to the windshield.

The Hungarian vignette is classified into different vehicle classes and validity periods. Check 5 different vehicle classes under 3.5t to know whether your vehicle belongs to class D1M, class D1, class D2, class B2, or class U. Vehicles exceeding 3.5t must have installed a Hu-Go-system measuring distance driven.

Depending on your travel itinerary, you can choose between the following options of validity period for a Hungary e-vignette: annual (national/regional), 30-day, and 10-day vignette.

To purchase a highway vignette for Hungary online, you need to fill out a short form on our website (enter your vehicle data and provide your contact details), choose the validity period, and cover the fees. Soon after, you will get a Hungary e-vignette confirmation via email.

You can use your valid vignette on Hungarian motorways right after the purchase. You don’t need a printout – the vignette is registered in the online toll system and digitally attached to the license plate number of your vehicle.

Important: If you do not have a vignette or drive on toll roads in Hungary after your vignette expires, you will be fined.

Types and prices of Hungary vignette


  • D1 category vehicles: 182,19 EUR
  • D2 category vehicles: 258,63 EUR
  • U category vehicles: 182,19 EUR
  • B2 category vehicles: 847,59 EUR
  • D1M category vehicles: 182,19 EUR


  • D1 category vehicles: 21,19 EUR
  • D2 category vehicles: 42,41 EUR
  • U category vehicles: 21,19 EUR
  • B2 category vehicles: 84,78 EUR
  • D1M category vehicles: 21,19 EUR


  • D1 category vehicles: 32,96 EUR
  • D2 category vehicles: 46,67 EUR
  • U category vehicles: 32,69 EUR
  • B2 category vehicles: 93,15 EUR
  • D1M category vehicles: 16,48 EUR


  • D1 category vehicles: 20,37 EUR
  • D2 category vehicles: 29,63 EUR
  • U category vehicles: 20,37 EUR
  • B2 category vehicles: 65,67 EUR
  • D1M category vehicles: 10,19 EUR

Vehicles under 3.5 t

The vignette Hungary cost is based on the vehicle toll class, mass, and whether there is a tow and which one. The vignette-required categories of vehicles under 3.5t in Hungary are presented below:

  • D1 motor vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds, scooters)
  • D1 category (passenger cars under 3.5t for transport of no more than 7 people or motorcycles)
  • D2 category (campers and passenger cars with DMC)
  • B2 category (buses or vehicles that can transport 10 or more people)
  • U category (trailers towed by cars)

Hungary has 3 types of vignettes according to the validity period:

  • annual sticker (national or regional)
  • 10-day digital vignette
  • monthly vignette

Vehicles over 3.5 t

Vehicles over 3.5t must have installed a special the Hu-Go-system and cannot use a motorway vignette. Hu-Go-system calculates the toll based on the distance driven. Before heading to Hungary, you must check which roads you are going to use and which toll class your vehicle belongs to be properly prepared.

How to get a vignette Hungary online?

To purchase a Hungary vignette online, customers must complete a simple order, which takes only a few minutes. Find a spot with a stable internet connection and grab your electronic device (a smartphone, tablet, or laptop) to begin. Obtaining a Hungary digital vignette involves the following steps:

  1. Fill the boxes. You have to provide your contact details as well as your vehicle information: registration plate number, country of registration, and vehicle category. Choose the preferred vignette validity period.
  2. Make the payment. You must cover the fees online via debit or credit card, PayPal, or other payment methods.
  3. Receive the confirmation. The PDF document proving that your Hungary vignette order is successful will be sent to the email address. Don’t print it out – the e-vignette will be digitally connected to the vehicle’s license number.

Why are vignettes required in Hungary?

Hungary introduced vignette obligation as a way of collecting money for the upkeep of its toll highways. Since freeways and expressways are more prone to deterioration and need specialized maintenance, the revenue from vignette sales provides funding for this matter, minimizing traffic accidents and improving road safety.


You will be penalized for using the toll road network without authorization in the vignette system. Drivers of D1/D2 category vehicles must pay 16 220 Ft within 60 days; beyond that period, the charge goes up to 64 850 Ft. Drivers of B2 category vehicles are required to pay a fee of 72 950 Ft (or 291 770 Ft if payment is not made within 60 days). The deadline is given as of the day the fine notice letter was received.

For towing vehicles (D2/B2 categories) or a combination of vehicles with trailers (U category), there is a single fine. Additionally, keep in mind that if the trailer does not have a valid motorway vignette linked and the towing vehicle does, you will still need to pay the fine.

Hungary vignette benefits

Purchasing a Hungary vignette online is simple:

  • You can complete the purchase procedure online from the comfort of your home or other convenient spot.
  • You can order a vignette for Hungary within minutes and use it immediately after approval.
  • There are numerous online payment options to choose from to cover the fees.
  • In case of any concerns, you can contact our customer support representatives by phone or via email.
  • You do not have to glue a vignette sticker to the windscreen, so it remains clean and you do not have to worry about glue residue or windscreen damage.


Is a vignette required for Hungary?

Yes. In Hungary, a vignette is required for those driving vehicles with maximum permissible weight under 3.5t on motorways and expressways marked with an M. Vehicles over 3.5t cannot use vignette; instead, they must have installed a Hu-Go-system.

Where can I buy a Budapest vignette?

The vignette for Hungary can be purchased in a convenient way from home or on the road via smartphone. The order can be completed in no time, just make sure you have an electronic device with a stable internet connection.

How much does Hungary vignette cost?

The fee for a Hungary vignette is based on the vehicle’s category and validity period option. You can make the payment by choosing one of the online options available on our website.

When is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

You have to purchase a vignette for Hungary before entering the country’s freeways and expressways marked with an M. Note that using the highway system without a valid vignette will result in penalties.

How long should I wait to use the motorway vignette in Hungary?

You can use the highway vignette for Hungary immediately after you receive the confirmation. The letter with a PDF document confirming the e-vignette approval will be delivered directly to your inbox.

Do I have to print out the vignette Hungary?

No. A paper copy of the Hungarian vignette is unnecessary since the e-vignette is digitally linked to the customer’s vehicle plate number. You can save an electronic copy of the e-vignette confirmation onto your mobile device, just in case.

Is there a one-day vignette in Hungary?

No. If you are going to use Hungarian toll roads within a day or even a few hours, you still need to buy a 10-day vignette since there are no options with a shorter validity period.

What is the penalty for driving on toll motorways in Hungary without a vignette?

The penalty for not having a valid vignette in Hungary depends on the vehicle’s category and the period during which the fine was paid. Note that if you are a driver of a combination, both a vehicle and a trailer must have a vignette attached; if only a towing vehicle has a vignette, the penalty will still be applied.