Drivers of specific motor vehicles need a vignette on certain Moldovan roads. The country introduced a few types of vignettes, which differ according to their validity period. You can have a vignette for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, or more than 6 months.

The toll system was ready in 2017, and a mandatory vignette is necessary for motor vehicles, such as buses, passenger cars, trucks, and trailers. Only motorcycles are exempt from this rule.

Currently, drivers who purchase Moldova vignettes online can do it in a few simple steps. Just provide the information in the form (country of registration, license plate number, etc.), cover the service fee, and wait for the confirmation that will be sent via email. It is recommended to print out the file with a valid vignette, as it may be needed during control.

If you don’t obtain a vignette on the Moldova road network where the permit is required, you will be forced to pay the financial penalty, so keep that in mind. The purchased vignette may be used right away, as there’s no cooling-off period.

Road tax is popular in European countries, such as Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Moldova. Remember to obtain one when you decide to use toll roads. Online purchase is the best, as you may get a vignette from home.

Types and prices of Moldova vignette

Travelers may pick one of the following vignettes on the Moldovan toll roads:

Passenger cars

  • a 7-day vignette: 4 EUR
  • a 15-day vignette: 8 EUR
  • a 30-day vignette: 16 EUR
  • a 90-day vignette: 45 EUR
  • a 180-day vignette: 85 EUR
  • a vignette for over 180 days: 180 EUR

Delivery cars and trucks

  • a 7-day vignette: 20 EUR
  • a 30-day vignette: 40 EUR
  • a 90-day vignette: 100 EUR
  • annual vignette: 400 EUR

As you can notice, the price depends on the vehicle type and validity period of a vignette for Moldova.

How to obtain a vignette for Moldova online?

The Moldova vignette online can be obtained within a few simple steps. You need to prepare an electronic device with an internet connection and then start the process:

  1. Pick the vehicle category and the start date of a vignette.
  2. Enter the required information in the form and check the details twice.
  3. Pay the service fee that can be covered by a selected method, such as a credit or debit card.

After the online process, you will receive a payment confirmation and then a file with a Moldova vignette for a certain road network. You don’t need to put a physical sticker on the vehicle.

Your license plate number will be registered in the online system. Take a printed vignette with you and show it during the check.

Why the vignettes in Moldova are needed?

Vignettes are necessary on certain parts of the road network in Moldova for buses, passenger cars, trucks, and trailers (except motorcycles). Toll systems are common practice in many countries in Europe, such as Austria, Slovakia, and Slovenia. They allow funds to be raised for road maintenance, so it is important to purchase a vignette.

If you try to skip covering the fee or disobey the rules in Moldova, you need to expect financial or legal consequences. The fine differs as it depends on days of driving without a vignette.


A toll system on the road network in Moldova was introduced for travelers of certain vehicles. The vignette must be purchased by drivers of vehicles registered outside Moldova; otherwise, a fine will be charged. You may expect the following fine for driving without a vignette:

  • MDL 5,000 (€ 231): if you drive without a permit for less than 7 days;
  • MDL 6,500 (€ 300): when you drive without a vignette for more than 7 days.

Moldova online vignette benefits

The advantages of vignettes are numerous:

  • You don’t need a traditional sticker on the vehicle.
  • Online purchase is simple and intuitive.
  • You will receive a vignette via email (remember to print out the file).
  • The process of getting a vignette consists of three straightforward steps.
  • You can get vignettes online and don’t need to look for sales points, such as gas stations.


Do I need a vignette Moldova on the motorways and expressways?

If you use toll roads and certain motor vehicles in Moldova, you must have a vignette. A proper permit is required; without it, you risk a fine of up to €300, so keep that in mind. Prepare before the trip and obtain a vignette.

Where can I buy a vignette Moldova?

It is possible to obtain a vignette online via the simple process or at the sales points. The best option is to get a vignette electronically, as you can do it on the website from the comfort of your home.

How can I obtain a vignette online for Moldova?

The process of getting a Moldova vignette is straightforward, as it consists of three steps: providing information in the form, covering the fee, and waiting for the email with confirmation.

What is the cost of a Moldova vignette?

The cost of the vignette depends on the type of permit and vehicle. You can check the prices above and decide which vignette you need. The process of getting it online is simple and intuitive.

How long do I need to wait to use vignette Moldova?

Waiting is not needed, as you can use the vignette Moldova just after the purchase. The cooling-off period doesn’t exist, so the vignette is ready when you obtain it.

Is it necessary to print out the vignette Moldova?

Yes, you should print out the vignette Moldova. The document will be needed when the police or authorities check it, so remember about it.

Is it possible to transfer a vignette Moldova?

Generally, a vignette cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another. You must purchase a new vignette for a different vehicle. Besides, changes may be done only during the vignette order.

What is the fine for driving without vignettes?

Those who drive without a vignette will be punished with a fine of €231 (if they drive without a permit for up to 7 days) or €300 (in case they don’t have a vignette for more than 7 days).