The Bulgarian vignette allows the traveler to use the motorways and expressways of Bulgaria freely. Instead of paying separately for each one of the toll roads, you cover the fee payment once. You may obtain a regular adhesive toll sticker or an electronic vignette called an e-vignette.

A valid vignette is absolutely mandatory for those driving vehicles under 3.5t of total weight. The trailer towing vehicle is also required to pay a suitable toll. The exemption is granted for motorcycles only.

If you are driving a heavier vehicle, such as a bus or a truck, you need to install a distance-measuring unit on board. The device will calculate the amount due for the used sections of paid toll roads.

Depending on the estimated duration of your travel, obtain a suitable vignette for Bulgaria. As of now, you can choose a toll sticker with a validity period of 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or even 365 days.

The online purchase of the vignette Bulgaria should only take you a few clicks. All you need to do is complete the registration form with essential data and pay the fee for processing your vignette. Once it is ready, you will receive the valid toll sticker for Bulgaria to your e-mail address.

Do not print out your Bulgarian vignette – all essential information about the vehicle (registration number, vehicle category) will be stored in the online toll system. The program was introduced in 2019.

If you fail to obtain the obligatory vignette and proceed to use the Bulgarian motorways, you risk getting a pricey fine of up to 300 BGN. The toll roads are regularly patrolled by the police officers.

Types and prices of Bulgaria vignette

Depending on the planned duration of your travel to Bulgaria, you should apply for a suitable type of digital vignette. As for now, the vignette valid for 1 day is not available. The shortest validity period for your toll sticker is a week.

Bulgaria vignette for vehicles under 3.5t

  • 7-day vignette: 7.00 EUR
  • 30-day vignette: 14.00 EUR
  • 90-day vignette: 24.50 EUR
  • 365-day vignette: 44.50 EUR

It is also possible to obtain a digital vignette for Austria for cars with a 1-day validity period.

Additional vignette

It is essential that you buy an additional vignette if you plan on crossing the border between Bulgaria and Romania. To cross the Danube River, you must drive on the toll bridges, and each visit must be paid.

The fee for crossing the Calafat-Vidin bridge is 6.00 EUR, while the Giurgiu-Rousse passage is 3.00 EUR.

How to get a Bulgarian vignette online?

You need a vignette Bulgaria if you are planning to drive via the high-speed roads in this country.

Although you can buy the adhesive toll sticker at petrol stations, it is much more convenient to purchase the digital vignette online. You can complete the process using our website – it is fast and easy.

  1. Complete the online form with required vehicle details (vehicle category, license plate numbers).
  2. Select the type of vignette Bulgaria that will remain valid throughout your entire stay abroad.
  3. Pay the vignette fee using a credit card, debit card, direct transfer, or online payment service.

What is more, make sure that all the data provided in the questionnaire is correct and free of spelling mistakes. The electronic vignette Bulgaria will be linked to the registration number of your vehicle.

Check your e-mail address regularly, as the vignette Bulgaria will be delivered to you electronically. A great benefit of the online vignette is that it becomes valid immediately after processing your payment. Naturally, it is also possible to select another starting date for your toll activation.

Why are vignettes needed in Bulgaria?

Vignettes were introduced by the Bulgarian Government to collect fees from those using national highways. The online system expedites the purchase process, and it allows travelers to buy only one vignette instead of paying toll road tax numerous times.

The money collected from the vignette sales (both traditional and electronic) is used to cover the maintenance works on Bulgarian motorways and expressways so that they stay safe for drivers. If you do not have a valid toll sticker, you are using these routes illegally and breaking the law.


It is absolutely mandatory to have a valid vignette if you are going to drive on high-speed routes in Bulgaria. According to Bulgarian law, the lack of any toll sticker may result in a fine of up to 300 BGN.

The vignette control is performed in two ways. If you are stopped during your travel by the police officers, show them your identity document and valid vignette. What is more, special toll cameras scan the passing vehicles and check their license plate numbers in the online system.

Advantages of Bulgarian vignette

By choosing the digital vignette over the adhesive sticker, you can enjoy plenty of advantages.

  • The online application is very convenient, allowing you to buy the vignette before the trip.
  • You can cover the processing fee using one of many available online payment methods.
  • There is no need to print out the vignette purchase confirmation – all data is stored online.
  • If you have any questions, you may contact the support team for more information.
  • By using the online vignette registration, you can choose the preferred activation date.


Is the e-Vignette Bulgaria required on the motorways and expressways?

You are required to obtain a vignette Bulgaria if you are going to drive on Bulgarian motorways and expressways. If you do not obey the toll rules, you may receive a penalty.

Where is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

You can purchase the Bulgaria toll sticker at petrol stations or buy the electronic vignette through our website. Adhesive vignettes remain available now, but the Bulgarian authorities plan on recalling them.

How much does the vignette Bulgaria cost?

The final price you must pay for your Bulgarian vignette varies depending on the selected toll type. The longer the validity period, the higher the fee. Cover the fee using one of the available payment methods.

When is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

You can purchase the digital vignette Bulgaria whenever you wish. All you need is a working device with a stable connection. During the online registration, you can select the activation date for your vignette.

How long should I wait to use the motorway vignette in Bulgaria?

There is no need to wait any specific time for the toll activation as there is no cooling-off period. Your Bulgaria vignette will become valid immediately after completing the payment.

Do I need to print out the vignette Bulgaria?

No, you do not need to print out the vignette purchase confirmation. The approved vignette Bulgaria will be connected to the license plate number of your vehicle.

Can I transfer my vignette to another vehicle?

If you wish to transfer your vignette to another vehicle, contact us as soon as possible. It is possible early on, but once your toll is activated, you cannot introduce any changes.

What is the fine for driving without a vignette in Bulgaria?

You risk getting a pricey fine of up to 300 BGN if you are using high-speed routes without a vignette. Remember – on your way, the validity of your toll can be checked by police officers or special cameras.