The Czech vignette online, implemented in 2021, replaced the traditional stickers that needed to be put on the vehicle. The electronic toll system allows the online purchase of a vignette, so now travelers don’t need to look for sales points, such as gas stations or vending machines.

A vignette obligation means that drivers of vehicles up to 3.5 tons with at least four wheels must have proper permits to use motorways and expressways in the Czech Republic. An e-vignette can be obtained via an online process. Just provide information in the form, such as license plate number, planned duration of trip, and a start date. Then, cover the fee and wait for an email with confirmation.

Note that an electronic vignette to the Czech Republic is not necessary for motorbikes and trailers. Besides, vehicles with a gross weight heavier than 3.5t, including campers and vans, don’t need it. In this case, a special device must be installed that measures distance and calculates the fees accordingly.

Remember that hydrogen, electric, or hybrid car holders (with emissions not exceeding 50g/km) are exempt from purchasing an e-vignette for the Czech Republic (however, a specially designed registration plate is a must-have to avoid paying an additional fee).

Types and prices of the Czech Republic vignette

Drivers may pick the needed type of vignette during the simple process. Generally, we can distinguish two types of rules: vehicles up to 3.5t must have a valid vignette, and vehicles above 3.5t need a special onboard unit measuring the distance. Not that there are exceptions to the vignette requirements in the Czech Republic.

Vehicles up to 3.5t

There are three types of vignettes in the Czech Republic, so drivers of vehicles weighing no more than 3.5t with at least 4 wheels can obtain:

  • 1-year e-vignette for CZK 1,500 (Regular price)/CZK 750 (Eco price*)
  • 30-day e-vignette for CZK 440 (Regular price)/CZK 220 (Eco price*)
  • 10-day e-vignette for CZK 310 (Regular price)/CZK 155 (Eco price*)

*Eco prices are available for vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane.

Vehicles above 3.5t

When your vehicle weighs more than 3.5t, you need a special device and registration in the toll system called MYTO on the motorways and expressways in the Czech Republic. The device measures the distance and calculates the fee according to the vehicle category and the kilometers driven. Then, the fee must be paid via the system.

How to get the Czech vignette online?

Those who want to obtain a valid vignette online need to take part in the simple process. It is possible to do it on the website, at sales points, or at the Czech kiosks.

The best method is to buy a vignette electronically, as only a working device with an internet connection is needed, and you can get the permit anytime from the comfort of your home. Save your time and start the procedure by following the steps listed below:

  1. Pick the type of e-vignette and provide the necessary information, such as the country of registration and license number of the vehicle.
  2. State the dates of a vignette validity period in the calendar.
  3. Cover the service fee with one of the available payment methods.

After the procedure, you will receive an email with confirmation and a valid vignette. Remember to check all the provided details twice, as mistakes may lead to problems like driving without a vignette.

Why are vignettes needed in the Czech Republic?

The vignette systems are used in Europe in many countries, such as Slovakia, Austria, and the Czech Republic. They serve as a road tax that must be covered by drivers. Money raised from the vignettes is mainly used to improve the road network and maintain the ways.

A vignette confirms that a driver covered the fee and can legally use the motorways and expressways. It is very important to obtain a proper permit before the trip, so keep this in mind.


The motorways and expressways are monitored by road patrols and camera systems, and those without a vignette will be punished by a fine. The control can be done remotely, at car parks, or at motorway service stations.

If you don’t have a vignette in the Czech Republic, you need to cover the fine of up to CZK 20,000. Prepare before the trip and purchase the permit for motor vehicles to avoid inconveniences.

Advantages of Czech e-vignette

  • Your vehicle is free from sticky residue.
  • You can obtain a vignette on the website, and don’t look for sales points.
  • After the process, the vignette will be sent by email.
  • Printing out is not needed; just download the confirmation on the mobile device.
  • There’s no waiting period; you can use your vignette just after the purchase.


Is the e-Vignette Czech Republic required on the expressways and motorways?

Yes, the vignette is mandatory on expressways and motorways in the Czech Republic for vehicles up to 3.5t with at least 4 wheels. You can buy the vignette on the website or at sales points, such as gas stations.

Where is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

Drivers of vehicles up to 3.5t can purchase the vignette for the Czech Republic tollways online via our website or at the sales points, such as kiosks or gas stations. The best option is to buy a vignette electronically, which you can obtain at home without stress.

How much does the vignette Czech Republic cost?

The cost of a vignette depends on the type. You can choose one during the process of getting a vignette. Check the information above to see the specific costs of a Czech vignette.

When is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

You can purchase a Czech digital vignette before using the tollways in the country. It is advisable to get a permit earlier to ensure an unproblematic and smooth trip. The process is simple and fast, so you don’t need to worry.

How long should I wait to use the motorway vignette in the Czech Republic?

You don’t need to wait, as the vignette is valid after purchase and receiving the mail with a permit. There’s no cooling-off period, so you can use the vignette right away. It is very convenient for drivers.

Do I need to print out the vignette in the Czech Republic?

No, the vignette for Czech toll roads can be downloaded on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and shown during the control. No physical document is necessary.

Can I transfer my vignette to another vehicle?

The Czech vignette can’t be transferred to another vehicle after the purchase. In such a case, you need to buy a new vignette. Changes may be done only during the order editing.

What is the fine for driving without a vignette in the Czech Republic?

The fine for driving without a vignette costs up to CZK 20,000. Also, if you use toll exemptions unlawfully, you may be punished by even CZK 100,000, so keep that in mind. Prepare before the trip, and don’t forget about a valid vignette.