The Romanian vignette (known as rovinieta) serves as essential proof of road tax payment while using the motorways and expressways in Romania. It can be obtained at designated toll shops and petrol stations, but it is more convenient to buy it online via our intuitive website.

You can easily apply for the mandatory vignette for Romania from the comfort of your home. All you need is to provide your vehicle details in the registration form and cover the fee online. We need only essential data, such as license plate numbers, vehicle category, and date of travel.

Depending on the estimated duration of your travel through Romania, you can obtain a vignette for a period of 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or an entire year. It is also possible to apply for a 1-day electronic vignette, but it is available only for the C, D, E, F, G, and H categories of vehicles.

Remember that you risk getting a pricey fine if you decide to use the national highways in Romania without a suitable vignette. If you are caught breaking Romanian law, you may be obliged to pay a fine of 100 EUR or more. Therefore, do not forget about the toll vignette.

Currently, exemption from the vignette requirement is given to those driving motorcycles.

Types and prices of Romania vignette

There are a few different vignette types available designed for different vehicle categories. Select a suitable toll vignette Romania depending on the estimated travel time and the driven motor vehicle.

Category A – cars

  • 7-days vignette: 3.00 EUR
  • 30-days vignette: 7.00 EUR
  • 90-days vignette: 13.00 EUR
  • 1-year vignette: 28.00 EUR

Category B – goods transport vehicles 0.0-3.5 t

  • 7-days vignette: 6.00 EUR EUR
  • 30-days vignette: 16.00 EUR
  • 90-days vignette: 26.00 EUR
  • 1-year vignette: 96.00 EUR

Category C – goods transport vehicles 3.5-7.5 t

  • 1-day vignette: 4.00 EUR
  • 7-days vignette: 16.00 EUR
  • 30-days vignette: 32.00 EUR
  • 90-days vignette: 92.00 EUR
  • 1-year vignette: 320.00 EUR

Category D – goods transport vehicles 7.5-12.0 t

  • 1-day vignette: 7.00 EUR
  • 7-days vignette: 28.00 EUR
  • 30-days vignette: 56.00 EUR
  • 90-days vignette: 160.00 EUR
  • 1-year vignette: 560.00 EUR

Category E – goods transport vehicles over 12.0 t with max. 3 axles

  • 1-day vignette: 9.00 EUR
  • 7-days vignette: 36.00 EUR
  • 30-days vignette: 72.00 EUR
  • 90-days vignette: 206.00 EUR
  • 1-year vignette: 720.00 EUR

Category F – goods transport vehicles over 12.0 t with max. 4 axles

  • 1-day vignette: 11.00 EUR
  • 7-days vignette: 55.00 EUR
  • 30-days vignette: 121.00 EUR
  • 90-days vignette: 345.00 EUR
  • 1-year vignette: 1210.00 EUR

Category G – passenger transport vehicles with more than 9 seats with a driver and up to 23 seats

  • 1-day vignette: 4.00 EUR
  • 7-days vignette: 20.00 EUR
  • 30-days vignette: 52.00 EUR
  • 90-days vignette: 120.00 EUR
  • 1-year vignette: 320.00 EUR

How to get a Romanian vignette online?

Buy the Romania vignette online and enter the Romanian toll roads with a valid vignette. The purchase can be completed in just a few clicks in less than 15 minutes. Everything from the comfort of your home.

  1. Choose the preferred digital vignette Romania out of all the available types.
  2. Provide details about your vehicle, such as license plate numbers and emissions.
  3. Use your credit card, debit card, or online payment service to pay the road tax.

The approved digital vignette for Romania will be delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. You are not required to print it out since information about paying the toll roads tax will be saved in the electronic vignette system. All the data will be linked to the registration number of your vehicle.

Once you have purchased the digital vignette, you can enter Romania with no problems and use the national motorways and expressways fully legally.

Why are vignettes needed in Romania?

It is essential to have a valid vignette if you are going to use paid toll roads in Romania. Although you can enter high-speed roads without paying the toll, it is illegal and may lead to serious consequences. You can use motorways in Romania without a vignette only if driving a motorcycle.

By buying the toll sticker for Romania, you pay the mandatory tax for using paid sections. Thanks to the vignette sales, Romanian authorities can maintain the good shape of the national roads.


If you fail to obtain a suitable vignette on time (adhesive toll sticker or digital vignette), you will not be allowed to use the high-speed roads in Romania. In case you are caught passing illegally through the paid motorways or highways, you will be given a fine of a minimum of 100 EUR.

Advantages of Romanian vignette

By choosing the online vignette Romania, you ensure safe and unproblematic travel.

  • Apply for the essential toll sticker conveniently from home – the process is fully online.
  • Provide only the most important details about your vehicle and protect your data.
  • Pay for the processing using one of the many approved online payment methods.
  • Keep your vehicle clean, as there is no need to put a sticker on your windshield.
  • Get all the crucial information about the vignette Romania in one place.


Is the e-Vignette Romania required on the motorways and expressways?

Yes, you are required to have a suitable vignette Romania while using the motorways and expressways during your visit. The only exemption from the toll payment is granted to motorcycle drivers.

Where is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

You can easily purchase the vignette Romania online via our website. Complete our intuitive application form and make the essential fee payment. The digital toll will be sent to your e-mail address.

How much does the vignette Romania cost?

The cost of your vignette Romania will vary depending on the selected toll type. The longer the validity period, the more expensive the vignette. Once you complete the form, you will see the total.

When is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

You can easily purchase the digital vignette for Romania prior to our journey. Do it whenever you want. While completing the registration form, choose the activation date in the calendar feature.

How long should I wait to use the motorway vignette in Romania?

When buying the motorway vignette online, there is no waiting period for the toll activation. Your digital vignette will become valid immediately after you complete the processing fee payment.

Do I need to print out the vignette Romania?

No, it is not necessary to print out the vignette Romania – the digital vignette will be electronically linked to the registration number of your vehicle, and all the essential data will be saved online.

Can I transfer my vignette to another vehicle?

It is possible to transfer your vignette Romania to another vehicle if the toll has not been activated yet. Otherwise, you will be required to buy another vignette for a different vehicle.

What is the fine for driving without a vignette in Romania?

If you proceed to use the Romanian paid routes without a valid vignette, you risk a serious penalty. The fine for driving on motorways and expressways in Romania without paying the toll is 100 EUR.