The Slovenia vignette is a required document that allows travelers to drive on Slovenian highways and expressways if the maximum allowable weight of their vehicles is less than 3.5 tons.

In Slovenia, a traditional vignette in the form of a sticker was fully replaced by a digital vignette. Although Slovenian vignettes can still be purchased at sales points, consumers can also take advantage of an easier option by ordering a digital vignette online through the website.

It is no longer needed to glue the vignette on the vehicle’s windscreen – now a digital vignette Slovenia is electronically linked directly to the vehicle’s license number.

To purchase the e-vignette for Slovenia, it is necessary to select the vehicle toll class, plate number, registration country, the validity period, and enter the driver’s contact details. The consumer will receive an approved vignette in their inbox following a successful payment.

Important: All drivers using the Karavanke tunnel between Slovenia and Austria have to pay a separate price at the Hrušica toll booth because it is not included in the e-vignette system.

Types and prices of Slovenia vignette

1: Single-track motor vehicles

  • Annual e-vignette: 269.90 EUR
  • Semi-annual e-vignette: 79.90 EUR
  • Weekly e-vignette: Price: 49.90 EUR

2A: Two-track motor and caravan vehicles

  • Annual e-vignette: 135.00 EUR
  • Monthly e-vignette: 49.00 EUR
  • Weekly e-vignette: 27.00 EUR

2B: Two-track vehicles with height above front axle 1.3 m or more

  • Annual e-vignette: 135.00 EUR
  • Monthly e-vignette: 49.00 EUR
  • Weekly e-vignette: 27.00 EUR

How to get a Slovenian vignette online?

A digital vignette for Slovenia is available at DarsGo services or authorized dealers; however, it is simpler and faster to purchase a Slovenia vignette online.

The purchase procedure is entirely online, you do not need to visit any sales points or attach a vignette sticker – just visit our website. Follow this instruction to buy a Slovenia vignette online without any problems:

  1. Fill out the form. Share the necessary information. You are required to provide your vehicle’s plate number, registration country, the toll class of your vehicle, the selected type of vignette validity period, and your contact details.
  2. Make the payment. You have to cover the fees via any of the online payment options – e.g., a debit/credit card, PayPal, Klarna, and others.
  3. Check the email address. You need to refresh your inbox regularly – the confirmation of your vignette to Slovenia will arrive in a very short time. You do not need to make a printout since a digital vignette to Slovenia is electronically linked to the license number of the vehicle.

Why are vignettes needed in Slovenia?

Vignettes were implemented in Slovenia in order to provide financing for maintaining its toll roads. Expressways and motorways are more prone to damages and require special works, for which the revenue from sales of vignettes serves as a direct source of income. Eventually, this will increase safety on roads and eliminate car accidents.


The compliance with the vignette obligation in Slovenia is verified via toll control vehicles and by cameras on the motorway network and control points. Those who fail to meet the vignette requirement will be penalized.

If your vehicle does not have a valid vignette registered in the Slovenian toll system, a 300-EUR fine will be imposed. Should you transfer the vehicle registration number associated with a digital vignette to another vehicle or to a vehicle not of the same toll class as the initial vehicle, you will be required to pay the 500-EUR fine.

Advantages of Slovenian vignette

By ordering a Slovenian vignette online, you get the opportunity to enjoy its numerous advantages, for example:

  • Convenience: There is no necessity to look for petrol stations or other points of sale since you can complete the purchase even from home.
  • Flexibility: It is no longer required to stick to certain working hours – you can buy a vignette any time when you have a spare minute, our services are accessible 24/7.
  • Numerous payment options: We offer to choose from various online payment methods – they are safe and easy to use.
  • Clean windscreen: The digital vignette is linked to the vehicle’s plate number electronically, so you can forget about scratches or glue residue on the windscreen.
  • Support: Our specialists have great experience in vignette purchase procedures, so you can freely contact them via email or by phone.


Is the e-vignette Slovenia required on the motorways and expressways?

Yes. A vignette for Slovenia is mandatory on motorways and expressways for drivers of vehicles with weight over 3.5t. Using Slovenian toll roads with a valid vignette in such cases will be punished with fines.

Where is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

Vignette Slovenia can be bought at DarsGo physical sale points or ordered online. The electronic purchase procedure is straightforward and can be completed in several minutes.

How much does the vignette Slovenia cost?

The cost of a vignette for Slovenia depends on the vehicle’s category and validity period type. The prices range from 27.00 EUR to 269.90 EUR.

When is it possible to purchase a digital vignette?

You should get a valid vignette Slovenia before entering the highways. Make sure to buy an electronic vignette for Slovenia beforehand to enter the country’s toll roads without legal consequences.

How long should I wait to use the motorway vignette in Slovenia?

You are able to select the waiting period for a Slovenia vignette in the form by choosing the preferred validity start date. It is possible to order a digital vignette for Slovenia up to 30 days prior to its entry into force.

Do I need to print out the vignette Slovenia?

No. The digital vignette for Slovenia is electronically connected to the vehicle’s registration license number. It is recommended to save the digital document onto your device, but a paper copy is not required.

Can I transfer my vignette to another vehicle?

No. You cannot transfer your vignette to another vehicle, even if it is yours. If you try to do it, you may be fined up to 500 EUR. 

What is the fine for driving without a vignette in Slovenia?

If you use the Slovenian motorways and expressways without a valid vignette, you will be fined 300 EUR. You will need to pay a fine of 500 EUR if you use the wrong vignette type.